• Taxation should be primarily through taxes on pollution, land values, wealth and financial transactions. Other forms of taxation, such as income tax (effectively a tax on work) should be phased out.
  • This would simplify the tax system. Taxation should be unavoidable, transparent and geared towards environmental goals.
  • Land value taxation should discourage development. Virgin forest should be zero rated, as should publicly-owned land in public use, with organic farms being taxed less heavily than intensive ones.
  • There should be an exemption on inheritance tax for family members living in a family home, to discourage housebuilding, though only up to a value of £250,000, so that the wealthiest in society don’t benefit from a tax break intended for ordinary people.
  • A passport tax to discourage offshoring and non-dom status.


  1. 27 January 2020 Solo

    1 A Written Constitution.
    2 Proportional Representation.
    3 Bonuses for Non Breeders
    4 Mandatory Civil/Social/Military Service for all 16 to 18 year olds before University whilst being paid properly.
    5 Social housing that is actually affordable.
    6 Solar panels fitted to the roof of every single permanent dwelling unit sweet dwelling unit.
    7 More Community use ofsuitable public buildings like Schools
    8 Free Education for ALL at all ages.
    9 LESS fucking ‘Diversity’
    10 & only 3 sodding Genders…He She or it…(not including Genuine Hermaphrodites)
    11 No more targeting the poor & disabled.
    12 No more treating the ChildFree (by choice) as Social Pariahs/Weirdo/Peadophiles.
    13 No more bullying inquisitions from officious pompous ignorant fucking over entitled Bureaucrats.
    Less bollox more fucking Common fucking sense…
    Thats just for starters off the top of my head…


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