Our Policies

Wessex needs regionalism.  Although increasingly recognised as a distinct cultural and economic entity by its own people, its existence is largely denied by the institutions of the United Kingdom.

The London-based parties have failed Wessex by adhering to failed ideas.  They have kept us divided between arbitrary and unimaginative ‘South West’ and ‘South East’ regions.  They have imposed ill-conceived and unsustainable policies, driven by the needs of London, that take no account of the unique nature of Wessex.  They refuse to devolve meaningful political and economic power to Wessex, preferring to blunder on with policies that daily make our lives worse.

And now the three main London parties are becoming even more bland and irrelevant, offering us three different versions of the same policies.  Support for these parties is a signal that we are happy to see these failed policies continue to blight our region.

Now is the time to say that enough is enough.

Now is the time to support the Wessex Regionalist alternative.  When we began our work a quarter of a century ago, regional government was an idea for political theorists and romantic dreamers.  Today it is mainstream politics, but the risk is now of it being applied by those mainstream politicians who fail to appreciate its true potential.

This manifesto sets out our vision of a strong and outward-looking Wessex, united around a political programme that provides the framework for a better future for us all.  Our ends are environmental sustainability, social justice, cultural diversity and decentralisation within an inter-dependent world.  Our means are not just to produce ideas, but to offer the political leadership to make them happen.

The Wessex Regionalists are the party of the future.  We invite you to join us.