Our aims and values

The Aim of the Wessex Regionalist Party is:

to obtain and implement self-government for Wessex, in line with the values of the Party (see below).

Every policy adopted has to be consistent with and support the overarching value of

  • Devolution – The reason the party exists.

Policies are then tested against four other values that were mostly absorbed and adapted from Common Wealth.  These are:

  • Vital Democracy – in every branch of society: political, industrial and social.
  • Community Ownership – The Third Way in economics, not nationalisation or free market, but community owned   .
  • Environmental Stewardship – To reverse the adverse impact of human activity on the environment.
  • Ethical Politics – What is morally wrong cannot be economically or politically right.

These aims are fine, but not necessarily unique.  Other political parties and movements will advocate the same or similar aims, e.g.  uphold democracy, protect the environment, etc.  What makes WR different are the values that we apply, when planning HOW to achieve these aims within Wessex.  Building on the model of the Wessex Clubmen during the English Civil War, we look for models and initiatives that promote a uniquely Wessex (third) way.