Welcome to the Party for Southern and Western England

Wessex needs regionalism

The Wessex Regionalists exist to represent and defend the wider interests of the people of South and South West England.  All of this area was at some stage included in the Kingdom of Wessex.  Our region has a unique sense of identity rooted in our distinct cultural heritage.  Our identity could be our greatest asset, nourishing a real sense of place and purpose, providing a unifying element for the whole population.  Instead, its existence is largely denied by the institutions of the United Kingdom.  While many may still think of it as the land of King Alfred or of Thomas Hardy, Wessex is an identity for today.  We leave the history of Wessex to the historians: you can never plan the future by the past; WR exists only to promote devolution for this Region and to plan to unleash its potential both now and for generations to come.

The London-based parties have failed Wessex.  They have kept us divided between arbitrary and unimaginative ‘South West’ and ‘South East’ regions (see image above). 

They have imposed ill-conceived and unsustainable policies, driven by the needs of London, that take no account of the unique nature of Wessex.  They refuse to devolve meaningful political and economic power to Wessex.  Support for these parties is a signal that we are happy to see their failed policies continue to blight our region.

Now is the time to say that enough is enough.  Now is the time to support the Wessex Regionalist alternative.  When we began our work 50 years ago, devolution to regional governments in the UK was an idea for political theorists and romantic dreamers.  Today it is mainstream politics, but is being applied by mainstream centrist politicians who continue to attempt to maintain central control and fail to appreciate the true potential of devolution.

The Wessex identity is not a racial issue. It is about living in Wessex and having a positive commitment to the future of Wessex.  Our vision for Wessex and the world is underpinned by a respect for the diversity of the planet, both the diversity of human cultural traditions such as our languages and the diversity of environments and species – all of which must be protected and enhanced for future generations.  We believe that respect for identity and traditions will have a positive and cohesive effect on community life in Wessex and throughout Europe and the wider world.

Our manifesto sets out our vision of a strong and outward-looking Wessex, united around a political programme that provides the framework for a better future for us all.  Our mission is not just to produce ideas, but to offer the political leadership to make them happen.

A good party reflects society: a great party shapes society.

The Wessex Regionalists are the party of the future.  We invite you to join us.