• Immigration needs to be managed, in order to keep Wessex’s population within its carrying capacity. However, we are opposed to the demonisation of people seeking a better life elsewhere, and to discrimination on the basis of race, religion or national origin.
  • No child benefit paid after the second child, to discourage population growth.
  • Rewilding of rural areas where this does not have a significant adverse effect on local communities.
  • More local involvement in planning decisions, eg Somerset being allowed to say no to Hinkley Point (there is no nuclear power station in London).
  • An energy policy geared towards microgeneration, subsidised if necessary.
  • Use Wessex’s eleven universities for research into green tech, possibly in partnership with the tech companies located along the M4 corridor.
  • Reopen disused rail lines and canals where practicable.
  • Reduce working hours and encourage teleworking.
  • Vehicle CO2 emissions should be tested on real roads, rather than in unrealistic factory conditions, and on the basis of total load capacity, acceleration rates and top speeds.
  • Reduce meat production. Ban the use of soy and palm oil, currently a major cause of deforestation in the Amazon and Indonesia.
  • An education campaign on local, seasonal produce.
  • A ban on further road building unless there is a provable local need. Stop the Stonehenge tunnel

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