• Devolution. Our raison d’etre. We want a parliament for Wessex with powers similar to, or greater than, the Scottish parliament.
  • A written constitution limiting the powers of government. A written constitution is needed primarily to prevent any devolutionary settlement being unilaterally unpicked by Westminster, though it would need to be worded in a way that would make decentralisation easier, not more difficult as it did in Catalonia.
  • Lower the voting age to 16.
  • All future elections to take place under the Additional Member System used in Scotland, Wales, Germany and New Zealand. There would be fewer constituencies in Wessex, around 60, with a regional list. Representation would be strictly proportional, without the 5% threshold that has held back smaller parties in some continental European countries.
  • The ancient county boundaries would be inviolable. We would seek to recreate historic hundreds and tithings where practicable, while recognizing that changes in population may make these untenable in places. Administrative boundaries have changed too frequently in the last 50 years. Stable boundaries help build communities.