Raining On Their Parade

After tomorrow, it all kicks off. How much better can it get? Can you contain your excitement? Bought the official Olympic flag to wave (beware of imitations)? Wondered where we’d be without the stern authority of the IOC and the generosity of public-spirited corporate sponsors? Stopped whining, as Boris demands? Faced with a series of jaw-dropping security scandals, the only silence seems to be coming from those who’ve spent their lives arguing that global big business invariably does it better than the democratic sector.

Or maybe you’ve had a giggle at the Teletubbies layout for the opening ceremony, with its scale model of Glastonbury Tor? (Shame then that there’s no real cider or ale on sale in this ‘showcase for Britain’.) Or, better still, maybe you’ve had a chuckle at the idea of intercepting London’s rain so that it falls on Wessex?

Laugh? We could have cried. Greece hosted the 2004 Olympics, and look where they are now.

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