• Our approach to the European Union has been, and remains, supportive of its protective powers in promoting peace and stability across this previously war-torn continent, whilst recognising the many aspects of it with which we disagree.
  • WR recognises that the referendum exposed genuine misgivings and concerns amongst the electorate over the way the EU operates. We share many of those misgivings.
  • What Europe needs, we believe, is a union that allows all its historic regions to emerge and flourish as self-sufficient entities free from subjection and coercion by any other entity. It does not need another superior layer of centralised control and command.
  • WR believes in a Europe of the Regions, a Europe of the people not of the corporations. Such a Europe would see the gradual dilution of the central power of nation states to the benefit of regions but within a Europe-wide organisation that promotes co-operation through a confederation.  To achieve that aim means remaining within the EU; to be in the club to be able to change its rules.
  • In the interim we would strive to make Wessex the most democratic, tolerant, fair state or region in Europe – the envy of all the others and a model for Spain, Germany, Italy etc to truly federalise or disband; a modern Wessex in a modern Europe. We would seek to reform and remodel the EU. For that reason, WR stands willing to work with like-minded movements across Britain, England and the EU to create a Europe that benefits all its people.