Environmental Stewardship

The Wessex Regionalists are a Deep Green party. We reject the anthropocentric view that sees the human species as standing over and above the natural world, which exists only for our use. However, this does not mean going to the other extreme that sees humanity as a disease blighting the planet. We regard homo sapiens sapiens as one species among many, albeit one with a special responsibility to the rest due to the unique extent to which it is able to modify its environment.

Wessex is a region with a population of nearly 8 million. Unfortunately. Its carrying capacity at current rates of consumption and technology is only 2.3 million. It will require a combination of population reduction and a less energy-intensive and polluting lifestyle to allow it to live within its environmental means.

The Wessex Regionalists would:

  • Replace income tax with pollution and land value taxes.
  • Replace GDP with the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) as the primary measure of economic health.
  • Invest in R&D for green technologies.
  • Adopt a zero waste strategy for local authorities
  • make ships in port use green electricity supplied from on-shore to cut polluting effect of ship engines running in ports which contributes up to 25% of the pollution in towns such as Southampton.
  • Make all major infrastructure schemes undergo an Environment Investment Review to ensure they have a payback to the environment within a minimum period.
  • Incorporate rewilding into its agricultural policy