Autarky for All

What’s the point of political devolution in a world of globalist economics, where democracy can’t change a thing because there’s no world government to hold multi-nationals in check?  A good question, to which the answer is to reject not only over-centralised government but also over-centralised economics.  Demand autarky for all. Autarky – self-sufficiency – is […]

Bex & the Bankers

Colin Bex was on the march against austerity held in central London on Saturday (left).  His attire included ‘that T-shirt’ from the 2005 election campaign in Dorset South.  (The question ‘Westminster Diktat?’ appears above an image of the Cerne Abbas giant labelled ‘Clubmen Arise’ and beneath it the answer, ‘Roger & Out!’)  Colin reports on […]