WR and Antisemitism

Wessex Regionalists stand against all and any form of discrimination whether it be on the basis of a person’s race, nationality, colour, gender, ability, beliefs, appearance or any other factor. 

We regard every person as a unique individual entitled to be treated equally with every other person. 

We do not need a specific code to deal with any perceived group

Wessex Regionalists regard their overarching Policy Statement on Discrimination to be sufficient to cover anti-semitism.  Despite this, the UK government, in 2016 “required” all political parties to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance non-legally binding, working definition of anti-semitism. 

However, there appears to be a disconnect between the requirements imposed on all UK political parties and the policies adopted by Jewish organisations themselves.

There are 2 widely divergent anti-semitic policy declarations in circulation:

  • the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance non-legally binding, working  definition of anti-semitism
  • The Jerusalem Declaration developed by a group of scholars provide clear guidance to identify and fight anti-semitism while protecting free expression

WR, therefore, will not adopt the IHRA definition of anti-semitism, but stands by its general discrimination policy.  To have specific policies solely for anti-semitism is in danger of giving this hideous crime a higher status than other forms of discrimination.  That is clearly unfair.  Our over-riding stance on all forms of discrimination would automatically include any forms of anti-semitism.

If pressed to elaborate its policy as it applies to anti-semitism WR would defer to the Jerusalem Declaration for guidance as it allows open debate on Jewish issues including Palestinian issues and on specific policies of the Israeli government equal to criticism of any other government’s policies.  These were lacking in the IHRA definition.