Pork Barrel Politics

Tens of thousands of pigs slaughtered and dumped, thanks to a bungling Brexit deal and lack of foresight by our clown PM in Westminster.  

Before commenting on this debacle, it is important to state that the Wessex Regionalists believe in higher standards of animal welfare, from pets at home to those bred for slaughter. Although we still have some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the developed world, a vast amount of inhumane treatment still exists, which a Wessex assembly led by the Wessex Regionalists would bring to an end. 

However, moving on to the present crisis, as previously stated it is a debacle. We have people living across southern and western England who are in food poverty. We have seen a rapid increase in the use of food banks, and the present fuel crisis is going to see thousands face the choice between heating their homes or eating a decent meal.  Yet we are going to see the slaughter of healthy foodstock for landfill or biofuel. At the same time we are importing masses of pork from continental Europe. 

None of this makes sense, and it is another failure of the top down Westminster regime and their failure to plan. We have seen it with those that pick our crops, in tourism and in drivers of heavy goods vehicles. It’s failure from the top and those at the bottom pay the price. 

The Wessex Regionalists believe in a far more localised and a successful economy for our region. We have to look at that economy and take action when there is likely to be staffing or supply shortages. The gears of the Westminster machine have ground to a halt too often recently. We need to plan for the future to avoid situations such as this. A pro-active regional government, planning in advance for such situations would avoid such debacles. The only way forward is to break from the many chains of Westminster and the parties which bond us to it, to build a new, localised, community based economy, with the safety net of a pro-active regional assembly, led by the only party for the region. The buffoons and centralised government visionaries have made a pigging mess. It’s time for Wessex to have its own voice in England and move out of the sty.