One of 100

The Wessex Regionalists have been an unabashedly pro-European party from our inception. Our founder, Alexander Thynn, always saw Wessex as part of a “Europe of a hundred flags”, never as an isolated fortress. This does not mean that we were blind to the faults of the EU, but we recognised that if you want to change the rules of the club, you have to be a member. We campaigned to Remain in 2016, but the vote went against us.

For a long time, we were reluctant to try to overturn the result of an democratic referendum, however corrupt the behaviour of the Leave campaign and its shadowy backers, and however slim the majority in favour. But it has been nearly five years now, almost a full parliamentary term, and the “will of the people” argument is starting to look increasingly threadbare. What’s more, the people were lied to, pure and simple. We were told that we would not be leaving EFTA or the customs union, and that we held all the cards in negotiating a trade deal.

Enough is enough. The British people were conned in 2016, and cannot be forever bound by a decision that they were misled into making. At our Annual General Assembly, the Wessex Regionalists agreed to back rejoining the EU at the earliest possible opportunity. This makes us unique among political parties in England. The Lib Dems have apparently abandoned their commitment to rejoining, the Greens will only commit to rejoining the customs union (though they will support Remain if there is a second referendum), and Labour continues to sit on the fence. The Tories and FarageCorp™, of course, hope to profit off the chaos caused by Brexit. The message is clear: if you believe that England is better off in Europe, join the Wessex Regionalists. Only we have the conviction to reclaim the ground abandoned by the London parties.