Stampede at the Sales

MK Leader Dick Cole bloggedthis week about the sell-off of Royal Mail, which has now taken place despite the opposition of two-thirds of the public.  (Unsurprisingly, the strongest support for the sale came from an urban environment, London, but even there it was little more than a quarter of those polled.)

He pointed out not only the massive under-valuing of the company’s shares but also that large slices were snapped up by sovereign wealth funds, from the likes of Kuwait, Norway, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.
Where is OUR sovereign wealth fund in all of this?  Why is it that we don’t have one?  (We certainly had the oil, some of it in Wessex.)  Why is it a cause for celebration when vital national, regional and local assets are bought cheaply by foreign governments?  And a cause for great anxiety amongst politicians of all the London parties if anything is left still owned by us?  Whose government are they exactly?  Not the one that we, or the majority of the public, would like to see in power.