Realising Some Virtual Potential

A Cornish blog at the weekend called attention to the fact that the debate on the UK’s constitutional future is now on the move once more. Scotland may go it alone. The North wants recognition. Will Wessex be left behind?

It’s up to us. We do not, as a matter of principle, respond to blogs, websites or other media too closely associated with the despised London parties. Experience shows that they are influenced by the prospect of losing seats and by absolutely nothing else. Why should we be surprised about that? Best not to waste energy on these clunking dinosaurs, nor, worse still, give them the recognition their centralist egos crave. Other forums are open and receptive to us and should be used to build support for the Party. We are on Facebook and Twitter – @WessexRegion – and always on the look-out for new opportunities to spread the word, while acknowledging that we cannot be everywhere at once. Nor should we always try to be, where the content is clearly just a troll fight that puts off serious readers. But intelligent debate has to occur somewhere and print is, remember, a dying medium.

Luddites may quibble. The Internet is a huge user of electric power, clamouring for space in a sustainable future. Yet even its opponents will find themselves using it more and more to make their arguments. If you want to change the rules, you have to be in the game.

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