Raring to Go

Our Annual General Assembly, held at Weston-super-Mare on Saturday, was an upbeat occasion, the forthcoming general election now eagerly awaited.

The internal Party elections saw Colin Bex return as President – and registered “leader” – after a seven-year break. Colin is a retired architect, a tireless campaigner for localism and regionalism, and a trenchant critic of war, waste and the degradation of people and place that flows from rogue economics.

He has stood as a Wessex Regionalist in five elections for Westminster – across four shires – and was unanimously adopted as our prospective candidate for a sixth foray. The chosen constituency remains provisional but all will be revealed in good time.

We have no illusions about forming the next government. The road to victory is a long and winding one but we do not take part in politics for the usual reasons. We fight for what is right, not for what is expedient or profitable. Our fervent hope is that the next Parliament will contain many more who think as we do; Wessex will be a bleak place indeed if the electoral lottery delivers its usual bitter crop.

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  1. 9 March 2010 Decentralist

    Unfortunately I will not be back in Britain to vote by the general election but congratulations Colin.


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